January Lesson Plans

One of my goals has been to share with you all lesson plans. The hope that you can save some time and effort, and maybe even get a few new ideas on what you can do in your classroom. Here is week one of January Lesson Plans.

One important detail to share is that my school district does NOT have any curriculum provided. We are required to follow the Daily 5 structure, which we have been using for years. You will see this reflected in my reading block. Then, we us the Orton Gillingham approach to phonics using the book Recipe for Reading, which is very little material actually given.

One of our most important requirements is follow county’s curriculum map. We can not deviate from it without talking to our administration. We plan together as a team and we use our data to drive instruction.

Week One Lesson Plans

Phonics /ch/ Sound

We have finished learning about the alphabet in detail before Christmas, so now we are diving into more phonics skills like digraphs. The /ch/ sound will be our first official digraph. I plan to take this week slow while diving into this sound. You will see the majority of our small group activities dedicated to /ch/ this week, as well as a few of our skill building work centers.


Squirrel’s New Year’s Resolution

One of my weekly goals remains to ingrate none fiction and fiction books into our learning. This is a key with listening comprehension skills, since I want learning to appeal to many learners and interests. On our first day back in class, we will be using this title, Squirrel’s New Year’s Resolution, and reading comprehension pack to help our learning.


Plus, you can grab my FREEBIE New Year’s chart here.

Water Cycle

This week is ideal or teachers down south to teach about states of matter and The Water Cycle. We have the best chance to actually get snow once this week, which is a huge deal down south. Check out more details here.


Themed Fun with Snowmen


Lastly, we are using our theme of snowmen to review lots of skills and get back into our learning routine. This learning back contains so many of the skill building stations we need for independent practice at center time.

Introduction to Addition

We are going to introduce addition on Wednesday. My students know a lot about addition already, but they just don’t know that they really understand addition. All this time we have been building their number sense and counting on, we are adding. I am going to take some time to explain this to my learners. Plus, we are going to use counters and ten frames along with word problems (given orally) to work on addition.

If we really understand numbers using ten frames, I will love them on to adding using number lines, which is also included in this freebie file.

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