Is Your "Back to School" on a "Coronacoaster?" Part 4:Teach Them Why!

We are hearing so much conflicting information about the start of school this year, with no definite answers. Here are some of the options:
  • full time in the classroom
  • full time remote learning
  • the hybrid model: a little of each
  • a variety of the above

With all this uncertainty, how can teachers plan for this Coronacoaster?

Is Your

Today is part 4 in a five part series about returning to school during this Coronacoaster! Is Your

Teach Them Why

The children's lives have totally changed. Their schooling has been drastically changed. They have to wash their hands all the time. They have to wear masks andkeep a distance from their friends. Their sports, dance classes, and scout troops have all been postponed. They're confused and scared, and have a right to know why! It's definitely time to explain to them how germs work?

As I've mentioned before, I'm a huge fan of Boom Learning Digital Task Cards for several reasons: they're easy to use, can be used on any device, they're easy to assign through different digital platforms, and most of all, the children LOVE them! This set of Boom Cards helps the students learn about bacteria and viruses and how to fight them. Germs: Viruses and Bacteria Boom Cards
This resource has an informational text with 10 questions, 6 brain breaks, and 4 sketching questions. Germs: Reading Comprehension for Active Learners

Here's another Boom Learning Resource! This one helps the children understand what they can do to help fight germs and maintain healthy habits: Healthy Habits Boom Cards

Finally, here's an informational booklet the children can read, learn, and illustrate. This can be easily sent home, or read, discussed, and illustrated in class. If they can keep socially distant, it's fun for them to make posters to show what they have learned!
Healthy Habits Informational Text Booklet

This is also a good time to practice handwashing, measure exactly how far 6 feet might be, and watch some videos about how face masks protect us.

What else can teachers do to help students understand why the world is the way it is right now?

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Is Your