Is Your "Back to School" on a "Coronacoaster?" Part 3: Review, Review, Review!

We are hearing so much conflicting information about the start of school this year. Here are some of the options:
  • full time in the classroom
  • full time remote learning
  • the hybrid model: a little bit of each
  • a variety of the above

With all this uncertainty, how can teachers plan for this Coronacoaster?

It's pretty scary to think about all the planning that has to take place, "just in case..." but honestly, there are several things you can start planning that can happen in the classroom, through distance learning, or a combination of both.

I'm sure you'll agree these things need to happen no matter where or how you'll be teaching this year.

Today is Part Three in a five part series about returning to school during this Coronacoaster!

Is Your

Review, Review, Review!

We all know that our students have had a whole lot of time away from learning. You can call it "summer slump" or "summer slide," or numerous other things, but this year will be worse than normal, due to the students being out of school from March until now. Yes, they did remote learning for a few months, but we all know that remote learning wasn't the same as the learning that happens in the classroom!

You may remember that I'm a big fan of Boom Cards because they are easy to use in the classroom and can be used remotely by sending a link through any platform. These vocabulary Boom Cards are a fun way to review important science and social studies vocabulary. Building Vocabulary Science and Social Studies Boom Card Bundle

Speaking of Boom Cards, these  six multiple choice Boom Cards are perfect for reviewing important skills: Combined 2nd Grade Skills Review Boom Card Bundle

But it's important to keep it interesting. I like to let the children practice important reading skills by having them read informational text about important Science and Social Studies topics. It's a real time saver, and they absolutely love the topics! This bundle of Earth Changes gives them a lot of information, yet loads of practice with reading and comprehension skills. Earth Changes Bundle: Reading Comprehension for Active Learners.
 Math fact fluency is an important part of everyday mathematics. (This system was mentioned in Part 1 - Routines.) Brain research tells us it's important to review information in order for that information to go into their long term memory. I recommend that children review frequently the "levels" they have already mastered in this system to keep the information solid. If they never go back to it, they won't remember it! Math Fact Fluency System: the Bundle

These Math Challenges are a fun way to review old math skills for grades 3-5! Since math continues to build on previous skills, it's important that those skills are strong. These challenges review second grade math concepts, but with an added challenge! Mystery Math Challenge Bundle

Here's a link to several "summer review" resources that can get their brains back on track: Summer Review Games and Activities

Do you have any other ideas for review and getting those "stale" learners back in the game? Feel free to list them in the comments section below! 

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Is Your