Insulator and Conductor Worksheets That Your Students Will LOVE!

Insulator and Conductor Worksheets That Your Students Will LOVE!

insulator and conductor worksheet

On the lookout for insulator and conductor worksheets?

How about worksheets that are ACTUALLY FUN?

Yep… I promise you that it exists!

I have a set of color by number worksheets for insulators and conductors that will rock your students’ socks during your electricity unit.

Keep reading to learn all about my insulator and conductor color by number worksheets.

Don’t forget to grab the color by number reading comprehension freebie at the end of the blog post!

insulator and conductor worksheet

What is the difference between conductors and insulators?

Don’t worry – it’s actually very simple!

A conductor is a material that allows electrons to pass through it.

Think metals, like copper wire. This material is great to allow electricity to go through it!

An insulator, however, does not allow electrons to pass through it.

We often call insulators nonconductors.

Think fabrics and plastics!

What are these conductor and insulator color by number worksheets?

With this conductor and insulator worksheet set you receive:

  • 2 insulators and conductors worksheets
    • 2 worksheets identifying if the item is an insulator or a conductor
  • Answer key

How do these color by number worksheets work?

Kids first answer questions.

Each question’s answer choice dictates a color next to it (like green, red, blue, etc.).

Students will color the coded picture based on the answer that they choose.

insulator and conductor worksheet

Why are these worksheets engaging?

Let’s be honest…. conductors and insulators are simply not the most interesting topic after you get past the hands-on experiment part of the topic.

However, make your review FUN with these color-by-number worksheets!

A science review topic is about 100 times more exciting when coloring is involved 🙂

Where can I get these?

You can grab these at Glitter in Third on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Click HERE to check them out!

insulator and conductor activity

Need other electricity resources?

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reading comprehension passage

Want a reading worksheet FREEBIE?

You will LOVE this reading comprehension color by number worksheet.

Let’s be honest, ALL our students need more practice with reading comprehension!

(This is the paper version. Click HERE to learn about the digital reading comprehension I have!)

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