How to Teach Rights and Responsibilities of Students

How to Teach Rights and Responsibilities of Students

Rights and Responsibilities of Students

Are you looking for more rights & responsibilities of studentsideas for your civics unit?

This is usually taught during the beginning of the year as a civics introduction lesson.

Although simple, it helps form our classroom rules, community, and yearlong expectations.

Keep reading to learn all about teaching rights and responsibilities of students!

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Rights & Responsibilities of Student’s Lesson Ideas

Weave it into your classroom rules

I think doing a lesson or two on rights & responsibilities BEFORE coming up with classroom rules as a group is extremely beneficial.

I’m a big believer in creating rules as a class.

On the back of the rules (before laminating), each child signs his or her name.

There are only four rules, and the rules are generic (be kind, respectful, responsible, and safe).

Basically, any good behavior can be put into one of those categories.

Keep hands to yourself? Falls under kind, respectful, and safe.

Walk in classroom? Shows being safe and responsible.

Don’t pick up your teacher’s iPhone and start texting all my friends? I’m going to place that in the respectful category.

I recommend coming up with these rules in the second week of school.

The kiddos brainstormed rules they thought they should have in class.

However, they need to put a positive spin on each rule.

For example, instead of “don’t run,” they had to rephrase it to “walk.”

Or instead of “don’t hit,” they would say “keep hands to self.”

Afterward group the rules into bigger categories, hence getting kind, respectful, safe, and responsible!

When kids break our rules and are pushing, hitting, or teasing, remind them “Is that showing an example of our classroom rules?”

The POWER of read-alouds

Readalouds are my FAVORITE way to introduce a topic, or to relate a topic to real life.

Here are a few readalouds that I KNOW you and your students will enjoy that you can relate to responsibility (all the following are Amazon Affiliate links):

Four Corners! Errr… Two Corners 🙂

This is a fun one that gets kids up and moving (is there anything better than that?).

Put up a sign in a corner that says “Rights.”

Put up a sign in the corner on the opposite side of the room that says “Responsibilities.”

Okay… I think you see where I am going with this 🙂

Come up with different prompts.

Students will move to the side of the room depending on if they think the prompt is a right or responsibility (remind them to WALK…. anyone who runs will have to sit back down in their seat).

For example: “being kind to others.” Students *should* choose to walk to the corner that says “responsibilities.”

Then, have kids raise their hands and explain why they chose to walk to that corner.

This is a fun one! Plus it’s an activity where everyone feels successful, which is a win in my book 🙂

Rights & Responsibilities of Students’ Resources

Rights and Responsibilities of Students

Rights & Responsibilities for Google Classroom

Alrighty- it’s time for some resources to help teach and review this topic!

This digital resource is coloring, fun, and engaging.

It features drag&drop activities and critical thinking short answers!

Rights & Responsibilities for Google Classroom will get your kids excited during your social studies block!

There’s a few ways to use this.

If each kid has their own device, they can independently complete this.

You could also have students work as partners (great to see who works collaboratively and how they work at the beginning of the year).

Or choose whole group, and simply project this onto your SmartBoard/projector/whiteboard. Students can come up to the board and complete various answers!

Click HERE to check it out.

Rights and Responsibilities of Students

Rights & Responsibilities Interactive Notebook

Do you have social studies notebooks?

This handson, differentiated, and papersaving interactive notebook will be a huge hit during your social studies unit.

This Rights & Responsibilities Interactive Notebook is a great way to fill your social studies notebooks with review material to have available for students to reference.

There’s lots of flips, flaps, pocket sorts, and handson learning that students will enjoy.

Click HERE to check it out.

Rights and Responsibilities of Students

Need more CIVICS ideas?

I have lots of blog posts that will help you create and teach your civics lessons – tons of ideas and resources that will ENGAGE your students!

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