How to Help a Gifted Child with Homework

Does your gifted child struggle with completing homework during the week? Learn How to Help a Gifted Child with Homework.

How to Help a Gifted Child with Homework

Due to the advance nature of the academically gifted child, it is often necessary for caregivers to come up with creative solutions to otherwise ordinary chores.

How to Help a Gifted Child with Homework

Require a Minimum Length of Time for Homework

Many gifted children tend to rush through the completion of homework in order to get on to other, more stimulating activities. There tends to be a higher incidence of this in cases where the homework is in a less liked subject or below the child’s skill level.

One method for slowing down gifted children so they pay more attention to what they are doing is to tell them that they must work on homework for a minimum time. The required time may be different for each student, but a good starting place is about 20 minutes per night for a first grader.

By requiring them to do something homework related for a minimum time, they pay more attention to reading and comprehension of material than they do if they simply have to get it done.

Make Homework Time a Fun Time for Gifted Children

Children often see homework as a boring chore. Doing homework does not have to be a tedious task. Homework in spelling, vocabulary, and math are fairly simple to turn into fun games.

Math practice can be incorporated into every day activities, such as measuring ingredients, dividing up candies so each person gets the same amount, or even playing Monopoly or Pacardy, a card game played with play money.

Spelling and vocabulary homework can easily be turned into games. Either one can be used for playing hangman – simply provide the definition, and let the child identify the word and spell it. In addition, by searching for online crossword puzzle generators, a parent can enter the definitions and words, and create a crossword puzzle for the child to do.

Another unique game for spelling is a spelling hop game. Using sidewalk chalk, draw a board in a driveway or on a sidewalk with all of the letters needed for spelling the spelling words. Yell out a word for the child, and let him spell it by hopping from letter to letter.

Use Technology for Homework

When possible, allow gifted children to use online resources to assist with their homework. Most gifted children are well versed with computers very early. There are spelling, math, and science resources all over the internet that are perfectly suited for use for many grade levels.

In addition, a child with a project to do may find making a power point presentation more fun than writing out the assignment. Assuming that it is okay with the teacher, this is good practice for the student.

Supporting the educational and emotional needs of a gifted student is sometimes challenging, but with creativity and patience, it can be a rewarding experience for both the student and the caregiver.

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