How Book Companions can Transform your Teaching

Using picture books in the classroom is an incredibly effective way to target many goals for special education students. The best way to target those goals alongside picture books is book companions.

How book companions can transform your teaching

What is a Book Companion?

A book companion is a set of effective extension activities that accompanies a book. Book companions keep students engaged while working on comprehension skills, vocabulary, following directions, and so much more.

These are so many ways that book companions can transform your teaching, but I’m going to focus on the following 3 reasons.

How book companions can transform your teaching

Book Companions Keep Students Engaged

Picture books allow students and teachers the ability to spend more time on each page, discussing the story, the images, and what happens next. Picture books are a huge door into learner confidence and the ability to discuss the story aloud. Choosing picture books that are related to holidays, topics of student interest, and with images that students can see themselves in keep student interest. I also love to incorporate diverse characters and places in order to open their learning to other cultures, people, and communities.

How book companions can transform your teaching

Book Companions Help Work Towards Goals

Picture books are a huge opportunity to work on larger goals with a common theme. In each book companion we work on vocabulary, story mapping, sequencing, comprehension, and following directions. The common theme of the book definitely keeps students more engaged in each of these areas.

Story map from a winter book companion for special education
This is a story map from a Winter Book Companion

Consistency is Key

The best part about Simple Book Companions is that they are a consistent addition to your schedule. Each week you will implement one new book companions and work through the routine hitting all of the goals with each activity included. Because of the consistent book companion routine students know what to expect and can grow in their independence with the activities throughout the year.

Lucky Tucker book companion set for special education

You can purchase each book companion separately in my TPT store or Shop, but when you purchase a bundle you get one book companion for free!

We are working to grow the book companion library. What requests do you have? Let me know in the comments!

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