Folks Online Are In Disbelief After Seeing This Company’s Poster That Says They Don’t Hire Liberals Because Of Their Emotionality

There are several topics many have by now learned not to broach—ever—especially with particular people who get overly passionate (and unreasonable) about them. Politics is one of them.

Now, doing this on a personal level alone often leads to bad things happening to good people, but it’s nothing but mind-blowing when someone one-ups this by proactively bringing it into their businesses.

One politically oriented job ad that’s been spotted, posted, and reposted on the internet has been drawing people’s attention to a great extent.

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People have been slamming this “we do not hire liberals” sign that recently resurfaced on the internet

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So, back in mid-2016, a picture of a job advertisement annex, if you can call it that, hit the internet. It’s not an actual job ad, it doesn’t look like it, but it’s definitely a portion of it.

Now, it’s not clear what particular job this is for, nor is it clear what company is hiring. But that doesn’t really matter. What matters, though, is the very particular and only requirement for the job, and that is to not be a liberal. Yep. That happened.

The sign goes on to say that this isn’t because this particular business disagrees with liberal political views, but rather because this job needs “superior reasoning, logic, and reading comprehension skills,” which, in “their experience,” liberals don’t really have.

But businesses making bad hiring choices aren’t new, as there have been others in the past

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According to them, what liberals do have is emotional decision-making skills and making decisions in emotional ways can prove very detrimental to the business. The note concludes with regrets of any inconvenience this might cause, as if that really sounds genuine given everything before it.

It’s safe to speculate that the note was quite likely created during or around the 2016 Clinton vs. Trump elections, which were some of the most divided and controversial elections in US history.

Since 2016, this picture has resurfaced on multiple occasions, mostly on sites like Reddit and as anti-liberal propaganda, until it finally popped up in r/AntiWork a few months back. It was posted by Reddit user u/EggsAndMilquetoast, and got almost 60,000 upvotes (81% positive) with 40+ Reddit awards.

In nearly all cases, such signs stir up huge backlash and debates as it did this time too

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This also in turn sparked a lot of appropriate reactions from commenters. Some said while it claimed that liberals are emotional, it’s ironic to think that the note itself is passive-aggressive, an extremely emotional thing to do.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Various people pointed out that their poor hiring practices, their “experience,” and just overall self-destructive rhetoric are actually working against them because it’s a red flag for potential employees.

But the main issue here is discrimination—selective hiring of people based on seemingly empirical assumptions that are so overgeneralized that it just screams prejudice. And that always speaks well of a workplace, doesn’t it?

Here’s how the internet reacted to not hiring liberals

Whatever the case may be, this is one of many bad choices businesses have made throughout the years. Bored Panda has covered several such mistakes, including this one juice company that was looking for people who “don’t cry”, and this one other business that created a hiring sign that begged more questions than it actually answers.

But what are your thoughts on not hiring liberals and them being too emotional for certain lines of work? Or share anything, really, all ideas matter. Do that in the comment section below!

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