Exploring Creation with Biology 3rd Edition Book Set Review

Today I want to share with you Apologia's Exploring Creation with Biology 2 book set, 3rd Edition from Timberdoodle.

B used the 2nd edition for Biology last year and C just started using this 3rd edition for Biology this year (at our CoOp).  He is the first one in our family to use this edition!

What's included in this set?  This set includes the Softcover Textbook, the Solutions & Test Manual as well as a consumable Test Packet.  While I generally prefer the hardcover books I do appreciate that Apologia is purposefully trying to keep the cost down on their products; thus, printing a new version in softcover.

This is designed to be a college-prep Biology course and is written specifically for homeschoolers with a Christian worldview (as are all Apologia Science courses).  This course has 16 modules and topics include the science of life, the chemistry of life, ecology, cell structure and function, cellular energy, DNA/Proteins/Cell Cycle, genetics, evolution, prokaryotes and viruses, protists and fungi, plant diversity and reproduction, plant structure and function, and animals: invertebrates and chordates.  You can see that's a lot of material!  It takes ~ 34 weeks to complete.  I appreciate that students are given "on your own questions" within each module to help them check their comprehension and understanding of the material.  The answer to these questions can be found in their book at the end of that particular module.

I love that there are some full color illustrations and other illustrations sprinkled throughout the textbook.

There are detailed experiments beginning with an introduction to the microscope.  There are anywhere from 1-5 experiments per module.  Module 8 is the exception with 0 on the topic of Evolution.

The Solutions and Tests booklet is fabulous.
I love that it is now organized by modules!

For each module you will find the answers to the study guide, the test, and then the solutions for that test.  It is super organized and makes grading super easy.

I love that you can order the corresponding dissection kit for ultimate convenience.  C will be doing the dissections at our weekly CoOp but I know from experience that dissection kits are super great to have, especially when doing them in your home (like I did with A and B).  While we don't have it, there is a also a companion cd that you can use along with the textbook that is great for auditory learners.  You can also purchase a student notebook and extra test packets.  If you are looking for a high school biology class, we would definitely recommend checking out Apologia.

Disclosure:  Huge shout out to Timberdoodle for selecting me as a Timberdoodle Blogger.  I received this book set at a discount in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.