Digital Social Narratives for Back to School

Social narratives (also known as social stories by Carol Gray) are HUGELY necessary whenever change is occurring in the special education world. Social narratives can be used for anything from classroom rules, a trip to the doctor, all the way to changes in routine or teachers.

For Back to School season, (with a huge push during the First 10 Days) I use social stories to explain routines and systems in the classroom. This means things like Classroom Rules, Riding the Bus, the Playground, Fire Drills, Lunch Room, Recess, and more are directly taught through social stories (and routine visuals of course!)

In the past I always made these books into a paper packet for each student. I had students complete the comprehension in class and then sent them home for review.

With distance learning and digital learning on the rise, I created this digital version. Students can click through the story on devices and answer the self correcting comprehension questions afterwards.

In the classroom, teachers can use these social stories/ narratives on the interactive white board for whole group learning and review them throughout the year as needed.

Why do we need social narratives?

Social narratives teach students what to expect and how to act in situations that are coming up. They help students and staff prepare for change or new routines. Preparing for change ahead of time and teaching directly with social narratives reduces behaviors and increases student independence.

You can download the digital + print Back to School Social Narratives here.

These are also included in The First 10 Days Bundle.

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