Common and Proper Noun Worksheets (Say BYE-BYE to boring!)

Common and Proper Noun Worksheets (Say BYE-BYE to boring!)

I cannot wait to tell you about the BEST and most ENGAGING common and proper noun worksheets ever!

Teaching the difference between a common and proper noun is so dang important – yet practicing this topic can be… well…. really boring.

But don’t worry, my common and proper noun color by number worksheets are going to ROCK YOUR SOCKS.

Yep, color by numbers are going to add a boatload of fun to your grammar lessons.

Keep reading to learn all about the BEST common and proper noun worksheets.

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What are common and proper nouns?

Every noun is classified as either a common or proper noun.

A proper noun names a specific noun, and common nouns are generic nouns.

Proper nouns always have the first letter capitalized (like Kelly, Omaha, or Chips Ahoy).

Common nouns do not have the first letter capitalized (unless it comes at the beginning of a sentence, of course).

What are some examples of common and proper nouns?

Common noun examples: store, ice cream, football team

Proper noun examples: Target, Breyer’s, Dallas Cowboys

What makes these proper and common noun worksheets so great?

Engaging and fun

Grammar can be not so interesting.

But add in some coloring?

Students get so excited to complete the worksheet so that they can color their pictures!

Heck, even adults love coloring (looking at you, adult coloring books).

I’m not even kidding when I say that your students are going to be asking for more of these color by number grammar worksheets.

No prep

These worksheets are super simple for you and will take only about 2 minutes of your very precious prep time!

Just print and hand it out to students.

Easy-peasy 🙂

Simple to grade

Just look at the picture!

Where can I get these color-by-number worksheets?

These are available at Glitter in Third on TPT!

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Looking for more info on common and proper nouns?

Make sure to check out my blog post on how to teach common and proper nouns in a FUN way!

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Looking for MORE resources on common and proper nouns?

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