Christmas Guided Reading Activities Your 4th Graders Will Love

Christmas is a time for family, friends, and lots of reading! But finding Christmas reading comprehension activities at the right level for your fourth-grade students can be challenging. Most holiday-themed materials are either too easy or require too much preparation. They don’t always focus on the key skills students must practice during the holiday season. My Christmas reading comprehension 4th-grade packet is perfect for guided reading groups. The activities are designed to help students develop their skills in characters’ points of view, story elements, and theme. Whether you’re looking for a way to keep your students engaged during the holiday season or searching for some Christmas-themed enrichment activities – this Christmas reading comprehension 4th-grade packet is sure to be a hit!

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Character’s Point of View

The story “A Christmas Dream” is about Effie, a little girl disillusioned with Christmas. In the first chapter, students will use close reading skills to identify the character’s point of view through her actions and words. They will read the text closely and look for clues that reveal Effie’s thoughts and feelings about Christmas. Using graphic organizers to identify the key details in the text will support their understanding of Effie’s point of view. Finally, they will answer comprehension questions that require them to think critically about what they have read. Students will better understand how to identify a character’s point of view and why it is important to do so. Plus, they will get to know our character Effie!

Story Elements & Character Traits

In chapters 2, 3, and 4, students will explore more of Effie’s character amid the story’s plot. Using a plot map, students can find the story elements of this Christmas story. They will also use a character traits organizer to dig deep into Effie’s character. This activity will engage your 4th-grade students in a big way! By exploring the plot and character of the story, they will be able to understand it on a much deeper level. Not only will they have fun doing this activity, but they will also learn a lot about Effie and the Christmas story.

Finding the Theme of the Story

Chapter 5 brings the story to its end and, along with that, the theme of this endearing story about Christmastime. Your students will see how Effie is transformed by what she learns. Using a detailed organizer, they will use key details from the text to determine the theme.

Effie starts out not appreciating all the wonderful elements of the holiday. But by the end of the story, she’s learned to embrace the holiday. She is even looking forward to next year. Her transformation is complete. It’s all thanks to her experiences along the way that helped her see the true meaning of Christmas. Effie was able to have a very merry Christmas after all.

Why You Will Love This Activity for Christmas Guided Reading Groups

Guided reading groups are the perfect setting for this Christmas reading unit! Your students will be engaged in the story and able to discuss it with their peers in a smaller setting. With guiding questions, graphic organizers, and comprehension questions, they can use their close reading skills with you nearby for support.

This Christmas reading unit can be used in your guided reading groups for multiple days. You have the opportunity for students to experience meaningful practice with the character’s point of view, story elements, character traits, and theme.

The added bonus is that this guided reading activity will keep your 4th-grade students engaged in learning during the hardest month of the school year! Guided reading is a great way for kids to get extra practice with reading standards! Plus, they love being in a small group with friends. This fun and engaging unit keep your guided reading groups fresh this holiday season!

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