Best Disney Princess Storybooks for Your Kids in 2020

Top 15 Best Disney Princess Storybooks for Kids in 2020

Reading a bedtime story is a perfect way to reconnect and bond with your child after a long and tiring day. An ideal way to do so is by reading a Disney princess storybook. These books fascinate young children with their mystical characters, great storylines, flashy colors, and animated images. Disney princess storybooks also help kids in several ways, such as; to develop and cultivate imagination prowess, build an interest in reading, develop and build on communication skills, and also instilling moral values and character by drawing lessons from the storybooks. Choosing the best Disney princess storybook to read or add to your child’s library can be an overwhelming and challenging task as the list of these books is endless. Here are some of the best Disney princess storybooks of all time that you should read to your kid.

15. Brave

Brave: Storybook Deluxe App Review

This princess storybook is about a beautiful and skilled archer princess Merida of a mystical kingdom DunBroch in Scotland. The princess has triplets’ very mischievous brothers, and the Queen, Merida’s mother, tries to teach her how to behave and act like the princess she is or ought to be. Get a copy to find out more.

14. Three little princesses

The 3 Little Princesses: The Sleepover Pages 1 - 31 - Text Version ...

Three little princesses is a super fan comic storybook by Disney. It features princesses Kimmy, Katie, and Kristen. The three are left with their uncle when their parents travel, and the uncle is very rude to the palace works, and so the three little princesses decide to teach him a lesson. This book will fascinate your kid.

13. The Lonely Princess

The Lonely Princess by Matthew Barron

This storybook is about a young princess who likes to spend time alone and play with her dolls. The princess has two older sisters who always tease and make a fan of her and her toys. One day a prince visits the kingdom and is to spend time with one of the princesses. Who will it be? Get a copy of this book to learn more.

12. Princess Moana

The Story of Moana: A Tale of Courage and Adventure by Kari Sutherland

You may have happened to watch the Disney animation film Moana; the film is inspired by this princess storybook. It is about an adventurous teenage girl who sets out on a sail to help and save her people as their land is slowly dying. This book will have your kid eager to listen.

11. The princess and the Dragon

The Princess and the Dragon by Audrey Wood

The princess and the Dragon is a Disney storybook about a princess who is locked away in a tall tower and kept under a dragon’s watch. She needs a brave knight who will slay the Dragon and rescue her.

10. Snow white

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Pictureback(R)): RH Disney ...

This princess story never grows old. It is about a beautiful, kind, and gentle princess called snow white. She has an evil stepmother who is the queen, who orders a huntsman to kill snow white out of jealousy of snow white’s friendship with a charming. It is a must-read princess storybook.

9. Princess Rose and the Golden Bird

Princess Rose and the Golden Bird by Sergey Nikolov

This Disney princess storybook is about a princess with red hair and loved roses. She would sing every night in her balcony where a golden bird would join her, and everyone I the kingdom would sleep peacefully. A witch casts a spell on her, which turns her hair black, and when she sings, everyone gets nightmares

8. Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty Big Golden Book (Disney Princess): RH Disney ...

This princess story is as old as time but still fascinating. It is about a gorgeous princess who is cursed when born to die on her 16th birthday. However, she survives the curse by going into a deep sleep with the help of a fairy, and the nap can only be broken by a genuine love first kiss.

7. Princess Jasmine Disney Princess: Jasmine: The Missing Coin (Disney ...

The book is about a princess who runs away from home, as her father wants to choose a suitor for marriage against her will of selecting true love. She meets Aladdin, who has a flying carpet and a magic lamp with a Ginny, and they become perfect friends. This princess storybook is very captivating.

6. Princess and the Magical Ring

11 Short Princess Bedtime Stories For Kids To Read

The book is about a kingdom under an evil spell that is destroying everything; the princess remembers that she has a magical ring that has five powers. She chooses the fifth power that allows her to sing like an enchanted siren, and prosperity is restored to the kingdom.

5. Frozen

Disney Frozen Storybook Collection: DISNEY: 9781474812443: Amazon ...

The storybook is about a princess born with ice powers. As she grows older, her powers go out of control, and her parents decide to lock her up in the castle so that no one can ever find out. One day, the princess ends up freezing an entire fjord where her kingdom is located.

4. Cinderella


This princess storybook is almost every child’s favorite. The story is about a beautiful girl who is always troubled by her mean stepmother and stepsisters. She goes to a royal ball with the help of a fairy, and the prince quickly falls in love with her, but she must leave before midnight. Consider reading this book to your kid and enjoy.

3. Princess and the Faithful Knight

11 Short Princess Bedtime Stories For Kids To Read

This Disney princess storybook is about a princess who is tricked by a charming prince to touch a beautiful rose in the woods. The princess falls into a deep sleep, and the charming prince steals all her riches and runs away. A knight stays by the sleeping princess’s side for two years until she wakes up.

2. The Frog Princess

The Frog Princess - (Tales Of The Frog Princess) By E D Baker ...

Written by E.D baker, this princess storybook is about a princess who kisses a prince who has been turned to a frog by a witch. She ends up turning into a frog herself, and the two must journey to find the witch who cast the spell to reverse it. It is an ideal bedtime princess storybook for your kid.

1. The Princess and the Pea

The Princess and the Pea - Nest

This princess storybook is an all-time classic. It is about a prince who is looking for a real princess to marry. One rainy day a girl claiming to be a princess walks to their castle, all drenched and dirty. The queen decides to test her by placing a pea underneath twenty mattresses with a lot of feathers. They realize she is a true princess as she complains about a hard substance that made her uncomfortable all night.

Reading is very crucial in a child’s development. Having to read a Disney princess book for a bedtime story introduces your kid to comprehension and logic while improving their imagination. The above are among the best Disney Princess storybooks of all time. You can consider purchasing one and enjoy the fairy tale stories with your kid.

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