Becoming A Doctor In Australia

When you aspire to be a doctor, you first need to develop the necessary skills and gain knowledge. But, when creating your skills, you must research the training process and decide ahead. So, in this article, we will cover more about how you can become a doctor in Australia. If you’re going to appear for GAMSAT, then you must go through the gamsat syllabus.

What do you need to do while preparing for a career in medicine?

While practicing medicine can be an exciting career, you must undergo a lot of training. To achieve your goal, it can also take nearly ten years soon after completing high school studies. Moreover, you must be ready to face the competition when choosing medicine for your career. Besides, you will also have to persevere when doctors start training you. So, here are some tips that will guide you in deciding your future.

  • First and foremost, you have to complete your studies by the 12 standard from a good college. On the other hand, you will also have to attain an undergraduate degree from a well-known educational institute.


  • Next, you must think about acquiring knowledge about the pre-requisite subjects. But, you must always try to study the subjects when you’re about to get an undergraduate degree. It can be very tough if you think about studying these subjects soon after graduation. To enhance your profile, you must choose subjects like Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, and English.


  • If you want to be good in a leadership role, you must be a part of an active community. You can also think about being busy with activities at your school. Apart from these options, you can consider volunteering at a free clinic, a hospital, or even with a researcher. Work-related to charity is also valuable before you embark on your career.


  • A bit later, you must consider appearing for the GAMSAT or UCAT. Such exams are for those who want to study undergraduate medicine or a clinical science course. But, if you’re planning to apply to a university, you must appear for the UCAT. In that case, you can go through a lot of information online and also start studying well in advance. If you’re looking forward to improving your abilities for section 1 of the GAMSAT, you must enhance your reading comprehension skills.


  • Towards the end, you can find a suitable education institute depending on your needs. However, when you’re seeking admission at an educational institute, you have to be sure about its reputation, the cost of the medical program, and the campus. If you’re unsure, you can search for educational institutes online and check out what you can expect.


  • Soon after you complete a course, you must consider pursuing an internship for a year. When you apply to a location in Australia, you first have to go through the priorities carefully. You must also navigate websites to learn about the intake numbers. Consider joining the Junior Doctor Training Program stream, especially when you’re from a different country. You will also have to apply for provisional registration six weeks before the medical degree. This can be easily done through an online application form.


  • After you complete the internship for a year, you will be eligible for medical registration. But, as you think about registering yourself online, you have to ensure that you renew it before the end of September. However, if you have been an intern overseas, you must complete practice under supervision for at least 12 months. This step is one of the criteria you must meet before getting the general registration.


  • Post completion of the training, you have to go through prevocational training. In those instances, you have to take up the role of a Resident Medical Officer. Such a role will help you to prepare well for medical specialty programs. But, for such a role, the time you spend will depend on the specialty you selected earlier.


  • Once you have undergone sufficient training, you will be eligible for a program at various specialty colleges. In that case, you will have to get through many assessments along with the written and practical tests. But, when you appear for such exams, the pattern will vary depending on the educational institute.


Besides everything else, you must try getting a scholarship to study medicine at a college associated with the most popular universities. If you’re among the Aboriginal students, you have to aim for the AMA Indigenous Medical Scholarship. Such a type of scholarship will offer financial assistance as you’re going to commence the course. In that case, you can visit the website of Aurora Indigenous Scholarship to check more about several opportunities. Moreover, you must also go through the site of ‘Study Medicine’ to know the value of various degrees.

How much does it cost to be a doctor in Australia?

If you’re planning to study medicine in Australia, the fees can range between $16,000 and $25,000 yearly. Moreover, a sliding scale will also be used to determine a college’s tuition fees. But, the overall fees will depend on the educational institute and the country to which you belong. While the overall costs seem to be expensive, it is a bit less than the fees observed in many regions of Europe. On the contrary, the fees are relatively higher than those observed in USA and Canada.

To summarize, you have to do many things when preparing for a career in medicine. Firstly, you must complete your education by the 12th standard and study the pre-requisite subjects. If you want to advance with a leadership role, you can join some communities while you’re studying. Later, you have to appear for the GAMSAT or UCAT.

Once you clear the test successfully, you can start searching for educational institutions depending on your preferences. After completing the medical course, you have to intern for a year. Additionally, you have to fill out an online application and get a medical registration. But, if you are eager to study ahead in your life, you can apply to specialty colleges soon after going through prevocational training.

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