7-month-old baby milestones

Your seven-month-old baby is curious about the world around them—and the ways they are focusing their energy is proof they are eager to explore. Unlike those earliest days of parenting when "playing" with your baby seemed all-but one-sided, your active and engaged seven-month-old loves interacting with you.

Although your baby may not be on the move quite yet, you probably realize now the developmental milestones of crawling and walking are right around the corner. That makes this the right time to baby-proof the house! By keeping track of what milestones your baby is working on achieving, you can support their development and consult with your pediatrician if you have any questions or concerns.

Seven-month-old baby milestones

Here's what The American Academy of Pediatrics says about seven-month-old baby milestones.


  • Big news! At seven months, your baby now has full color vision, the ability to track moving objects and mature distance vision. Any uncoordinated eye movements (such as going cross-eyed) should have resolved.
  • Your baby has been listening since day #1, but now is developing more and more language comprehension. Not only can your baby distinguish emotions based on the tone of voice, but they should also recognize their name and understand the word "no."

Motor Skills:

  • Your seven-month-old baby is increasingly steady while sitting independently and may not need to keep their hands on the ground for support.
  • While standing with support, your baby should be able to keep all of their weight on their legs.
  • Your baby can transfer objects from hand to hand and uses a raking grasp to grab things.

Social and Emotional Skills:

  • Your little social being enjoys interacting with other people—and observing their actions.
  • Your seven-month-old baby uses their voice to express their feelings. They also feed off others' expressions of emotion.

How to support your seven-month-old baby’s development this month

Up for a little homework assignment, mama? Here are some seven months old baby activities to support your cutie's development.

  • Help your seven-month-old baby understand emotions by (at least occasionally) making exaggerated happy or sad faces when reacting to them.
  • Play with your seven-month-old baby by hiding a toy under a small blanket or towel and encouraging them to find it. With a sense of object permanence, they can be "in" on the game now.
  • Engage your four-month-old baby's senses by looking through a family photo album and naming the people. Or read a Say & Play Photobook to encourage discovery and memory.

It’s science: Your baby loves ‘talking’ to other babies

According to a study from the Acoustical Society of America, 5-month-old babies had 40% longer attention spans when listening to other babies "talk" than adult vocalizations of the same vowels. Not only are babies more interested in talking with each other, but these early conversations also promote the development of more advanced language skills. (Don't take it personally! The researchers stress that it's still important for parents to talk with their babies, too.)

With a seven-month-old baby, it can simultaneously feel like just yesterday when they were a teeny newborn—and so long ago when you consider how much they've developed. While they are focused on learning and playing, we know you may feel more pressure to help them hit every baby milestone "right on schedule."

But the truth is that babies progress at different paces and usually focus their attention on different things. Bring up any questions with their pediatrician. And, remember, you've got this.

Seven-month-old baby 101: