6 Reasons to Join the Simply FREE Library

Have you joined the Simply FREE library yet? What are you waiting for?! Are you ready to have access to hundreds of FREE downloads at your fingertips? I’m talking about FREE digital downloads, FREE printable centers, FREE visual schedules, FREE recipes…and the list goes on!

Here are 6 reasons to join the Simply FREE Library TODAY:

  1. You get access to tons of FREE downloads as a NEW special education teacher

Are you a NEW special education teacher? Being new to the field can be overwhelming because sometimes you are starting from scratch in your classroom. I remember when I first started teaching, my classroom was empty and I easily spent over $500 my first year filling it up with resources for my students. I am here to help new teachers now with plenty of FREE downloads to get you started-pages upon pages in the Simply FREE Library!! 

Free paraprofessional training topics are included in the SFL!
  1. FREE downloads for ALL types of special education classrooms

Are you a self-contained teacher that has your students all day? Or a resource teacher that has students coming and going for ELA? Maybe you are the school’s Autism teacher or even a Behavior Analyst? Whichever it is-the Simply FREE library has you covered with FREE downloads to use all year long! 

Some things that you will see in the Simply Free Library are:

  • FREE sorting activities
  • FREE cooking recipes
  • FREE back to school forms
  • FREE ABC Data Sheets
  • FREE holiday matching activities
  • FREE surveys for your paraprofessionals
  • FREE activities for shapes, colors and signs
  • FREE math activities
  • FREE comprehension activities
  • FREE first-then boards
  • FREE visual schedules
  • FREE morning meeting labels

Plus many MORE activities!

  1. Build your independent work centers instantly!

Want to build an independent work station area but don’t know where to begin? Try using a three-drawer work system that you have access to for FREE straight from the Simply FREE Library! Plus-all of the sorting centers that you could want! Matching, counting, Halloween, food, math, Christmas sorting activities and MORE are all at your fingertips in the Simply FREE Library!


  1. New downloads are added each MONTH!

Get ready to be overwhelmed at the amount of FREE resources already available for different themes, holidays and skills! The best part is that new downloads are added to the library every month so the Simply FREE Library is always growing! There are resources for back to school, fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, math, ELA, plus SO MANY MORE!

45 page kindness comprehension unit in SFL!
  1. All downloads are differentiated!

Differentiation has always been very important to me as a special education teacher. It is important to have differentiation in your classroom in order to help different student’s needs. All downloads in the library are differentiated for your convenience. For example, check out the clothing sort below. You can have students who may have more significant cognitive delays, match picture to picture. Students that are starting to read can match the words to the correct picture. You can even hi-light the beginning letter on the words and differentiate this download yourself by allowing students to find the beginning letter for each picture. 

For more hands-on fun, spread the pictures around the room for a scavenger hunt feel or add to a sensory bin of rice or oatmeal!! The possibilities are endless with these free downloads!

  1. Get weekly tips and tricks delivered to your inbox EVERY WEEK!

Once you join the Simply FREE library, you will automatically be added as a subscriber to my FREE email list! So besides getting access to the many FREE downloads, you will get WEEKLY insider tips and tricks from me as well! 

Insider tips such:

Have I convinced you to join the Simply Library yet? What are you waiting for exactly? Maybe you just don’t enjoy free things?! 


Happy teaching!

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