42 Funny Zoom Backgrounds To Try In Your Next Meeting

Zoom took the world by storm during the COVID-19 pandemic. The video chat application quickly became the go-to way for businesses and organizations to hold meetings and chat with staff while they were stuck at home. While Microsoft Teams, Slack, Skype, and other platforms used to be popular, Zoom has quickly taken over that mantle as the most used video calling application. As well as being a fantastic video conferencing tool, Zoom also gives your colleagues an insight into your home office setup. For some, this isn’t the most thrilling view, especially if you’re crammed into a small room or area of your home that isn’t that well decorated. Thankfully Zoom has you covered with hundreds of different funny Zoom backgrounds on offer.

A Zoom background image is a photo, still shot, or drawing that you can project on Zoom that will appear behind you. This enables you to add a bit of humor to your next meeting when you appear on screen with a funny Zoom background that will have everyone else on the video call chuckling. There are literally hundreds of different backgrounds on the internet you can choose from. They cover everything from still shots from movies and TV shows to famous celebrities to weird images that are sure to have those on the chat laughing at your funny background while on a Zoom call.

If you’re unsure of where to start when it comes to finding a hilarious Zoom virtual background, look no further. We have scoured the internet to find some of the funniest Zoom backgrounds you can use during your next Zoom meeting. You will be the new funny guy at work if you choose to use any of these backgrounds during your next virtual meeting.

42 Funny Zoom Backgrounds To Try In Your Next Meeting

1. Distracted Boyfriend Meme



One of the great memes so the 21st century, the “distracted boyfriend” meme is a hilarious pop culture background sure to have everyone in fits of laughter. As you can see from the image, there is a blank space where your head can go so it looks like you are part of the meme.

2. The Simpsons Couch



If you’re a fan of The Simpsons, this is the perfect Zoom background that shows the family’s iconic living room.

3. The Office



Remember the room where the characters from The Office are interviewed? Well, this meme puts you in that same room and makes for a great virtual background. 

4. A Man Riding a Dinosaur Riding a Shark



This Zoom background is completely bonkers. It features an armed man shooting a gun while sitting on a Velociraptor that happens to be riding a shark. Your workmates will no doubt find this one strange but hilarious. 

5. Baby Yoda



This Star Wars free Zoom background might be seen more as cute than funny, but who doesn’t smile when they see an image of Baby Yoda (or Grogu)?

6. Tiger King



Love Tiger King? Use this background of Joe Exotic cuddling one of his tigers with a disco-styled display. It’s sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face. 

7. Coronavirus



This one might not do down as well, but it’s still a funny Zoom background that features the image used for COVID-19 floating around a room. 

8. This Is Fine Meme



Here is another great meme you can use as a Zoom background during your next work video call. This one features the “this is fine” meme which is an image of a cartoon character sitting in a room on fire saying everything is fine.

9. Parks & Recreation



Pretend you are Leslie Knope with this great Parks & Recreations Zoom background. 

10. Unicorn Dog


mark glancy/Pexels

Everyone loves dogs. But a dog dressed as a unicorn? Hilarious. 

11. Police Lineup



Pretend you are in a police lineup during your next Zoom meeting. 

12. Sexy Lady



This Zoom background will have your colleagues wondering what you’ve been up to in the morning. 

13. The Jerry Springer Show



Turn your next Zoom call into an episode of The Jerry Springer Show. This is another funny virtual background option sure to have your coworkers in fits of laughter. 

14. Jimmy Barnes Screaming



Kirn J. Callinan is an Australian indie artist who hails from Sydney. He got big in 2017 when the music film clip to his song “Big Enough” went viral. It features a cowboy, who is actually Aussie icon Jimmy Barnes, screaming during the chorus of the song. It got turned into several hilarious memes and makes a cool background for your next conference call. 

15. Prison



Make everyone think you got yourself arrested and have to conduct work from a prison cell with this funny Zoom background. 

16. When Dinosaurs Attack



This funny Zoom background will surely provide a few laughs. It makes it look like there is a dinosaur outside your room ready to attack. 

17. John Wick



This Zoom background allows you to be John Wick and will give your coworkers a bit of a fright when they first see your head surrounded by guns. 

18. Abbey Road



Imagine you are part of the Beatles with this background that features the iconic Abbey Road cover.

19. The White House



Surprise your coworkers by using this background and making everyone think you are working from the Oval Office. 

20. Bob’s Burgers



Take a seat at the counter and enjoy a burger while sitting in your next Zoom meeting. Anyone who is a fan of Bob’s Burgers will get a kick out of this great background. 

21. Cheers



Enjoy a quiet beer during your next meeting with this great background featuring the set from the classic 80s sitcom Cheers. Just be careful if Norm rocks up looking for a freebie. 

22. Join Queen



Become a member of Queen with this funny Zoom background that positions you as the lead singer of the UK rock act. 

23. Dolphin and Cow Swimming



This is a really odd-looking image that will have everyone chuckling. 

24. Hotline Bling


Know Your Meme

Drake is a walking, talking meme, so when he dropped the hilarious video for “Hotline Bling,” it was obvious that would continue. There are so many funny memes and videos featuring Drake, with funny Zoom backgrounds like this one keeping the joke alive. 

25. Starship Enterprise



Love Star Trek? This background makes it appears as though you are working on board the Starship Enterprise. Beam me up, Scotty! 

26. Zombie Apocalypse



Give everyone a fright by making them think the zombie apocalypse is happening with this funny background. Anyone who is a fan of The Walking Dead or zombie-related media will get a kick out of having this as their background. 

27. I’m Batman



Remember the interrogation scene from The Dark Knight between Batman and The Joker? You can recreate that during your next Zoom meeting with this funny background. 

28. Mad Max Meets Mr. Bean


Wallpaper Flare

This one should have everyone laughing out loud. It shows the epic shot of all the cars in Mad Max: Fury Road with the addition of Mr. Bean driving his yellow mini. If you don’t find this background funny then maybe you need to check your sense of humor. 

29. Bingo


Rigorous Themes

Lighten the mood of your office calls by playing a game of bingo. This fantastic Zoom background allows everyone to have a bit of fun by playing bingo and listening out for things such as a dog barking or your screen freezing. This is a very creative background. 

30. Silence of the Lambs



Here’s your chance to be Hannibal Lecter with this creepy Zoom background. It’s a screenshot of Lecter’s prison cell where he went toe to toe with Clarice Starling in the 90s classic Silence of the Lambs

31. Eating a Mango With Cardi B



Cardi B went online and posted a story of her eating mango. Nothing weird there, except that she uses her long fingernails to cut the mango before eating it. You can always count on Cardi B to provide a few laughs. 

32. Between Two Ferns



Here’s your chance to have your own talk show similar to comedian Zach Galifianakis’ funny Between Two Ferns. While you might not be chatting to celebrities, your staff or coworkers will no doubt have a laugh as you shoot off random questions like Galifianakis. 

33. Raiders of the Lost Ark



Take on the role of your office Indiana Jones with this great Zoom background that features the giant boulder that almost takes out Indy coming at. 

34. Where’s Waldo?



This Zoom background might end up distracting a few people but should keep everyone entertained. Everyone loves Where’s Waldo, and this background gives your colleagues the chance to try and find him while half-listening to the boss in your morning meeting. 

35. Top Gun: Maverick



If you’ve ever wanted to be Tom Cruise then this is the Zoom background for you. Use it during your next Zoom call and everyone will think you’re flying through the skies hunting down baddies. This is another fun background using an image from the hit movie Top Gun: Maverick

36. Godzilla



Not sure if your coworkers will laugh or run from the meeting when they see this background. Godzilla strikes fear into the heart of most, so seeing the rampaging lizard destroying everything in his wake might unsettle some. 

37. Family Guy


Room For Zoom

We’ve had The Simpsons couch, so it’s only right we also include a Zoom background of the Family Guy couch. 

38. Super Mario Bros.


Room for Zoom

Get nostalgic with this background featuring an image taken from the classic video game Super Mario Bros. 

39. Back To the Future


Wallpaper Abyss

How cool is this background image? It might not provide too many laughs but it is an awesome picture of Marty McFly and the DeLorean, except the DeLorean looks like a modern hypercar. The detail of this image is also incredible and one movie fans will love. 

40. The Matrix


Rigorous Themes

Everyone will wonder if the Matrix is real when you use this image as your Zoom background. Your coworkers will have to decide whether to take the blue pill or the red pill. 

41. Dirty Home


Rigorous Themes

People will think you live in a tip when you appear on screen with this background. How anyone could live in these conditions is beyond comprehension, but it seems some individuals don’t really care. 

42. Star Attraction


Rigorous Themes

A few years back at the 86th Academy Awards, Ellen DeGeneres took a photo that broke the internet. She managed to round up a group of famous faces that included the likes of Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lawrence, and Bradley Cooper, with the image going viral. Whack this up as your background and everyone will think you were part of the photo.