3rd Grade Reading Comprehension Practice You’ll LOVE!

3rd Grade Reading Comprehension Practice You’ll LOVE!

Reading comprehension practice 3rd grade

Teachers, are you in need of 3rd-grade reading comprehension practice?

This blog post has a resource that will make your heart very happy (as well as very happy students!).

Reading comprehension is SO IMPORTANT. 

But passages can be… well… really boring.

How do we get students motivated and excited to practice their reading comprehension skills when they are bored out of their minds with yet again another passage?

Say HELLO to color by number reading comprehension!

Keep reading to learn more about color by number reading comprehension and how it will completely transform your studentscomprehension skills.

Don’t forget to grab the reading comprehension FREEBIE at the end of the post for a free sample!

Reading comprehension Practice 3rd Grade

How does color by number reading comprehension work?

I’m sure you’ve used a color by number worksheet with your students before!

Color by number reading comprehension is super similar – I’ll describe how it works.

Each worksheet has a passage, four questions, and a black & white picture.

Students first read the passage (I always encourage my students to highlight to help them understand the text better).

Next, students answer 4 questions about the passage.

Each answer choice has a color next to it in parenthesis.

Students use the color next to the answer that they chose to color the black & white picture – therefore revealing the mystery picture!

Reading passages + comprehension questions + a coloring reward = ENGAGED students.

3rd Grade Reading comprehension practice

Why are these BETTER than regular reading passages?

Only 4 questions

Each worksheet focuses on a specific reading strategy (like cause & effect, inferencing, author’s purpose, etc.). 

There are four questions to assess student knowledge of that particular strategy.

Students don’t need to answer 20 questions to show their understanding of a strategy – four questions don’t take up valuable time during your school day.

Short passages

A reading passage should NOT take up a whole class period to complete!

We are assessing students on their comprehensionwhy do they need to read 5 pages to do that?

Taking an hour to complete an overly long reading passage takes students away from other important tasks they could be doing during their ELA block (like independently reading a book of their choice!).

These reading comprehension worksheets will NOT take up a whole class period!


At the end of the day, both a regular reading passage and my color by number reading passages seem quite similar.

However, there are big differences.

The key difference is the level of ENGAGEMENT and MOTIVATION that students have when completing the questions.

Students that want to continue doing a reading comprehension worksheet because it’s so much fun are going to want to do more practice and review in the future.

Students carefully check the text to ensure that their answer is right (and that they don’t mess up their picture).

Ultimately, if we can get our students having fun and staying excited about reading practice, it helps ensure their success.

3rd Grade Reading comprehension practice

What topics are included?

All the following topics come in this BIG moneysaving bundle.

There are a total of 78 reading passages in this bundle.

Click on each link to learn more about each individual component (you can also buy each one separately if you don’t need the entire set).

Reading comprehension practice 3rd grade

Where can I get this Reading comprehension Practice for 3rd Grade?!

This bundle is available at Glitter in Third on TPT.

Check it out HERE!

Reading comprehension practice 3rd grade

Need a digital version for 3rd Grade Reading Comprehension Practice?

These reading passages are also available in a digital format!

You can read more about the digital version (called digital mystery pictures) in my blog post HERE.

Or, click HERE to check out the digital mystery pictures in my TPT store!

Reading comprehension passages questions answers

Need a FREE reading comprehension passage with questions & answers?!

You will LOVE this FREE reading comprehension color by number worksheet.

Let’s be honest, ALL our students need more practice with reading comprehension!

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